Houston Car Accident Lawyer

Personal injury claims exist as the result of many different circumstances. But the majority are related to an auto accident or car accident. Being involved in a car accident in Houston or anywhere throughout Texas, has serious implications. It could potentially even result in criminal charges. Any involved individual is likely confused and somewhat frantic immediately following a car accident. So it’s important to know exactly what steps need be taken in case you end up in this unfortunate circumstance. If you don’t already have an expert Houston car accident lawyer or auto accident lawyer fighting for you. You’ll need to be extra careful to not take any actions which might invalidate your right to damages.

Determine your Mental and Physical Condition

Immediately following any type of vehicular accident, there are certain steps which must be taken to ensure you’re treated fairly. First, determine your mental and physical condition. If you are able to notate any information regarding the situation. The nature of the accident, involved parties, etc. this will be helpful later on. It is imperative that you receive medical attention for any injury, however small. It is also important that you don’t wait to receive medical care. The amount of time you wait to receive medical treatment will likely be taken into consideration by prosecutors or the other involved parties. If you end up suing for medical injuries, you’ll need to prove the severity of those injuries. (initial wait time, failure to follow doctors’ recommendations, etc.) can potentially invalidate your claim. A good Houston car accident lawyer will have you follow every piece of medical advice that is given to you by a physician.

Importance of Limitations

It’s important to take the statute of limitations into consideration, for example, as this law will vary among states. For car accidents in Texas (including Houston), the statute of limitations allows two years within which you must file any claims. The time limitation begins counting down the date the auto accident occurred, which implies it is likely not in your best interest to wait. One must also consider insurance claims – often you would file a claim with your insurance company. But in the event they refute responsibility or claim the damages were the fault of another party. It is likely you will need to recover these damages through the courts. These rules will change however if a government entity was involved – in this situation, you might have as little as 60 days to claim damages. Car accidents in Houston involving the government follow a different protocol called an “administrative claim” which carries with it its own set of regulations and limitations.

Houston Car Accident Lawyers

An experienced, knowledgeable Houston car accident lawyer can help with your car accident case and help determine all parties at fault so you can take the best course of action. Contact The Salazar Law Firm, PLLC to learn more and to have your car accident claim evaluated for free.