Who Is The Most Affected By Product Injuries?

Are you wondering who would be affected most by product defects? I get asked this question a lot. And I wanted to share with you, in my experience, who that is. I’m going to give you one hint here. Kids.


Why Children?

Children, infants even, all are more affected, disproportionately more than adults are. And the reason why is because they have no knowledge of the actual dangers that are happening around them or the potential dangers that are present. Let me give you an example of what I mean. There’s tons of data out there that shows a lot of Chinese-made toys have been painted with what is lead paint essentially. These kids play with the toys. They put them in their mouths. They don’t know any better because they have no idea what lead means, much less that there’s lead in the paint on the toy they’re chewing on. These are kids. Kids are going to do what kids and this is just something that happens. They are disproportionately affected in a way that’s almost unfair


Infants At Risk

Here’s a different way to look at it. Let’s talk about infants first. Infants have no idea what they’re doing. They can’t even walk. Sometimes they’re struggling to crawl. They can’t even turn over most of the time. Right now, I have an 8-month-old nephew who is my life. I see him. He is just learning what the world is right now. And every little sound, every little thing, he notices and he’s observing. That’s just what he does. That being said, when we put him into his rocker or into his cradle, you don’t realize that there are hidden dangers that the kids have no idea about. So whenever he does want to get curious and starts to stand and lean over and stuff, a lot of these things are prone to tipping over. And you don’t realize it.


Keep Your Kids Safe

So there are so many recalls out there on child products and child furniture that most adults aren’t even aware of. So if the adults aren’t aware of them, how are they going to be able to make sure that their kids are safe? People have asked me this question time and time again: Who is most affected? Absolutely adults are affected by recalls and by product manufacturer defects and things that are just malfunctioning. However, children are the ones who tend to have the worst injuries. And the reason why is because they have no idea what a recall is or what a defect is. So whenever they’re leaning over on a cradle and the cradle tips over, they’re in trouble. I want to make sure you guys are cognizant of this stuff because it’s ever present around from baby bottles. Actually, the plastic is too thin so it melts too easily. There are so many dangers out there regarding children’s products. it’s unbelievable. In children’s toys, small items basically get pulled off and it provides a choking hazard for children. There are so many things out there.


If you have a question about something, if your child has been injured, even if you’ve been injured because of a recall or a malfunction or a defect, let me know. I can guide you through that and let you know if there was an actual recall on this thing. Or if there wasn’t a recall, if there should’ve been. A lot of times, that happens, ladies and gentlemen. There’s something that should’ve been recalled but it wasn’t. And you’d be shocked how many times this happens. It happens more often than you would think.