What Is A Class Action And How Do I Know If I Qualify?

Have you ever wondered what a class action lawsuit is and how you would know if you’re eligible to participate in that actual class action lawsuit? First and foremost, I want to tell you that if your injuries were extremely serious, catastrophic or severe, do not participate in a class action lawsuit.


Class Action Law Suit Vs. A Mass Tort

There is a difference between a class action lawsuit and a mass tort. A class action lawsuit means that there’s a collective class that goes after a company. And at the end of that, each person gets a pro rata amount of a settlement. Oftentimes, it’s less than $100. The majority of the money gets consumed. Basically, because it’s such a large group, the majority of the money is used on expenses and attorneys who actually worked on behalf of that class. A mass tort is completely different because it takes into account each individual’s actual damages and it allows them to assert their individual claims against the company.


Cost Benefit Analysis

A class action is one lawsuit that’s filed on behalf of a whole class. A mass tort is separate lawsuits filed on behalf of each individual person that have different damages. Each person has a different damage profile. This is just the nature of how things happened. If a class action is present, I would strongly, strongly suggest staying away from it if a mass tort is a viable option. Let me give an example. Hernia mesh cases are cases where there’s a mass tort. And in the mass tort, each individual has been affected by this product, however, in different ways. In this instance, because they’ve been affected in different ways, they have different damage profiles. Since that’s the case, each person has to bring their own individual lawsuit against this company because of their damages. That is a mass tort.


Think Twice About A Class Action

A class action is when all individuals have been deceived or affected by something in a much smaller way. And that whole class follows one lawsuit. And this class could represent thousands of people. I want to make sure you understand these separate actions against manufacturers because they have completely different outcomes for individuals. Some mass torts result in outcomes that can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for individuals. Whereas class actions are rarely, rarely ever over $100 or $200 or $300. Keep that in mind. If you’re eligible, there’s no harm in actually exploring what your options are because you may have been individually affected much worse than other people have. If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call or hit me up on an instant message or something of that nature, an email, whatever you want to do.