What If I Am Injured by a Product Owned by Someone Else?

“What if I’m injured by a defective product that I don’t own? Somebody else owns it. It’s not even my product. I was in a car and I was injured. And I came to find out that the product was defective.” Or let’s just say I was in an above ground swimming pool and a ladder broke in half and I fractured my spine and the product was defective.

Guess what? This is a common misconception of the rule of law and who it is and is not applied to. My name is David Salazar and I am a product liability attorney. I practice in Houston, Texas, and all over the country. I try to help people out with these questions so that you have a clearer idea of what to expect.


You do not have to own the product

The answer to that question is that you do not have to own the actual product to find a company accountable. Let me give you an example of what I mean. I recently had a case in South Texas where I represented a little girl. She had never been to this home before and there was a birthday party.

They had a brand spanking new above ground pool that they had purchased from a very big store in South Texas. They put up the pool per the instructions. Everything was very professionally done. It had almost a zero grade as far as how leveled it was. Meaning, it was almost completely leveled.


Pool accident

The little girl gets onto the ladder. And for the first time ever, she’s getting onto the very top of the ladder and the ladder fractures in half. She falls backward, hits the back of her head, and becomes a quadriplegic. She was not responsible for that. She did not own the pool. But she is definitely going to be able to hold the manufacturer of the pool accountable, whoever that may be.

You do not have to own something to find a manufacturer accountable for their defective product. This goes time and time again.


Burn injuries from a car accident

I have another client who was burnt severely in an automobile accident. We came to find out that that particular automobile that was made in 2016 actually had a burn recall on it because there was a propensity for that vehicle to catch fire whenever there was a minor accident.

Vehicles should not catch fire in minor accidents. It should not happen. The only reason it would happen is if there’s a defect in the actual vehicle. And if you sustain burn injuries from that, you can definitely hold the manufacturer accountable for that. He didn’t own the car. He was just a passenger in it.

And guess what? We are actually going after that car manufacturer for this defect. And it was a known defect that they had issued a recall for. They just failed to actually notify their clients of it. Please keep this in mind. You don’t have to own something to be able to hold a company accountable if you have been severely injured by it.


If you have questions

My name is David Salazar. This is the Safety Guardians. We have a YouTube channel and a Facebook page. I love talking to you guys about this stuff. Please hit me up if you have any questions or concerns and we will talk soon. Thank you.