What Are The Safest Motorcycle Helmets For 2020?

I was recently asked how safe are European standards or DOT standards and whether it was true that European helmets are safer than DOT helmets? The answer to that is yes and no. The reason why is because the DOT sets standards that are the absolute minimum threshold for what safety is or for what can be required to actually sell a helmet in the United States.


How Do European Standards Differ From DOT?

The European threshold is a little bit different. In short, it is a step higher than DOT, but only a step higher. If you really want to look into what is considered a safe helmet, take a look at these Snell certifications, which is an independent watchdog in the motorcycle industry.

They go out and test these helmets individually to make sure that these helmets pass muster. If you want to get a helmet that is considered to be the safest helmet for you, find something that has a Snell certification on that.


What Are 2020’s Safest Helmets?

That being said, we did some independent research and found that Motorcycle Helmet Hawk selected their top four 2020 helmets that are the safest right now:

  1. Bell Qualifier
  2. Shoei RF-1200
  3. Arai Vector 2
  4. AGV K3 Full Face

As I mentioned earlier, the DOT sets the minimum threshold for what safety should be. If you get a novelty helmet or a no-name brand helmet, please beware because these helmets have not been tested. More often than not, they do not pass as far as any certifications go and they are just outright dangerous.

Please be cognizant of that. I hope you guys stay safe on the road. If you have any other questions that you want to be answered as far as motorcycle safety or insight on the law, let me know and my law firm can answer that as well.