What Agency Monitors Faulty Or Defective Products?

Have you ever wondered, by chance, which agency actually monitors any and all recalls that are out there? The official organization in the US is called the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, also known as the CPSC.


CPSC Website Tips

The CPSC is an interesting organization. There’s a lot of useful things here if you take a look. If you go down, you can scroll and you can see recalls. And they usually have recalls on here daily. And if not daily, absolutely weekly. And it ranges from everything from essential oils to ATVs to artificial Christmas trees. You name it. They have all the recalls on here that they are listing.


Consumer Complaints

The Consumer Product Safety Commission receives complaints from people. After a certain amount of complaints are received, it’s usually a percentage of how many of the products are out there, they then decide whether or not it’s recommended to issue a recall or to tell the company that they should be issuing a recall for these products. So in these instances, you can see here some of the things that had been recalled. And let’s go to this one right here. Manhattan Toy recalls, a Manhattan ball. If you come down to one part of the website, you can contact them. And then, also, if you go down to another part of the website, you can see exactly what the dangers are and the instances it happened. Manhattan Toy received six reports of the plastic tubes detaching from the center of the ball. Two of the six reports included a silicon tether being separated from the toy.


Important Cons

It’s a very interesting website. That is not to say that it is without fault. I want to make sure you understand that. The CPSC is a very good organization to go to for direction. But they are not the end all, be all. I’ll give an example. There’s a lot of research and statistics on here. A lot of things fall through the cracks. They’re a government agency. We have a case right now where we saw that there were hundreds of reported incidents with a particular above ground swimming pool and there was never issue of recall for the dangers of the ladder and it being unstable for this particular above ground swimming pool.


 Key Hazardous Items

There’s all kinds of research and data here that they do. For example, Sports and Recreation, Safety Concerns Associated with Micromobility Products, and Powered Scooter Special Studies. There’s all kinds of stuff on their website that’s helpful and a lot of resources for people that if you have a question about any kind of product. You can absolutely go onto their website and probably find the answer. A lot of problems are drawers and chest that have tip over hazards. A lot of these are dangerous for children because children will sometimes jump onto the drawers and chests and it’ll tip over on top of them, trapping them or actually causing some kind of fatal injury as well. So this is some insight. There’s a lot of stuff about safety education. It’s a very useful website. That being said, buyer beware, please understand that this is not the end all, be all. There are absolutely other dangerous products out there. These just happen to be the ones that are most reported to the CPSC.