Box Truck Accidents

Box Truck Accidents Attorney

Box truck accidents are different from other truck accidents. While smaller than big rigs, they are still large enough to cause severe injuries. They might be more likely to cause accidents.

The Salazar Law Firm | Box Truck Accident Lawyers
The Salazar Law Firm | Box Truck Accident Lawyers

Box Truck Drivers Are Often Inexperienced.

You need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to drive most large commercial vehicles. But, they let anyone operate a box truck.

While this might be a bit of an exaggeration, it is not far from the truth. Any adult with a valid driver’s license can rent a box truck. You can rent a box truck, even if you are too young to rent a car.

Box Trucks May Be Improperly Loaded

Just like anyone can drive a box truck, anyone can load one. That means that box trucks are often improperly loaded. A poorly loaded truck is more difficult to control in an accident.

Box Trucks Are Difficult to Drive

Box trucks are much larger than passenger cars and trucks. They are heavy, which means they have an extended stopping distance. They also have poor visibility.

Because of their construction, box trucks are prone to rollovers. Rollover accidents are dangerous for drivers and passengers. They also put other people at risk.

Who Is Responsible for a Box Truck Accident?

Box truck drivers may be

  • Professional drivers
  • Amateurs

They may

  • Own the truck
  • Drive an employer’s truck
  • Rent the truck

The wreck could be due to the

  • Driver
  • Manufacturer
  • Contractor
  • Employer
  • Another party that contributed to the accident

Box Truck Accidents Are Complicated

Box truck accidents are challenging. Your attorney can help unravel the threads to determine who should be liable. If you have been the victim of a box truck accident, contact The Salazar Law Firm for help. We offer no-obligation, complimentary consultations.