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As per the United States Occupational Safety & Health Administration, or OSHA, the main four reasons for development fatalities, or development passings, are falls, being struck by moving items, being gotten in a space, for example, in an unguarded trench and electric shocks

Fall Injuries and Deaths

People in charge of construction sites can be liable for failing to provide proper fall arrest equipment, failure to install and maintain perimeter control, failure to cover and secure and label floor openings, neglecting to guarantee that stepping stools and platforms are utilized securely, and arrangement of uncalled for “man lifts” or work force boxes, among other careless acts and exclusions.

“Struck-by” Hazard Injuries and Death

Struck-by hazards can involve heavy equipment, like bulldozers, cranes, back-hoes, standard forklifts, telescopic or boom forklifts and other heavy equipment.

Workers can be struck by the equipment itself or by loose materials that have been improperly secured to, or loaded on, the equipment.

Falling materials that have been improperly stacked or braced can also cause very serious hazards to personnel handling those materials or located beneath or beside those materials.

Failure to use “tag lines” and flag men when moving large objects, such as concrete pipes, I-beams and other materials can also create serious hazards, causing personal injuries and possible loss of life.

“Caught In The Middle” Hazard Injuries and Deaths

Death and serious injuries can occur when a trench collapses. If the trench is improperly sloped, shored, benched or shielded, collapse of the trench can occur, causing blunt trauma, crush injuries, suffocation, orthopedic injuries and death.

Electric Shock Injuries and Deaths.

Failure to find and identify power utilities before starting any form of work, and working or operating an equipment around live power lines can cause serious electrocution injuries or electrocution deaths. Failure to de-energize lines, enforce safe distance requirements, or ground and insulate equipment can cause serious electrical burns, other personal injuries and death.

Other common construction hazards include chemical exposure, confined space suffocation and death, unguarded presses, saws, mills, conveyors and other machines, and fire hazards associated with heat, vapors and combustibles.
Death, brain damage, spinal cord injuries, orthopedic injuries, de-gloving injuries, burns, amputations and crush-injuries are relatively common construction site injuries.

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