What to do after a truck accident – Houston Truck accident lawyers

Trucking accidents are growing increasingly common in Houston. In recent years, trucking traffic has risen on major highways around Texas leading to even more accidents. Due to the truck’s enormous size, most truck accidents are fatal and can lead to death or catastrophic injury. If you’ve recently been in a truck accident or have sustained injuries in a truck accident follow these steps on what to do:

  • Get Medical Treatment

Our Houston truck accident lawyers cannot stress this fact enough. If you’ve been in an automobile, bus, or truck accident the first thing you should do is immediately seek medical attention to make sure you are completely well. Due to the adrenaline surging through you after an accident, it’s likely you won’t be aware of any injury. Some injuries are internal and may surface at a later time as well. By seeking medical treatment immediately, insurance companies won’t be able to attack that time delay between the accident and medical visit. By documenting your treatment, appointments, and prescriptions as well as other information on physical injuries sustained in the accident, your Houston truck accident lawyer will be able to provide the court with evidence for your case and requested damages.

  • Do not admit fault

In Houston, Texas truck accidents are based on comparative negligence. Comparative negligence tries to determine responsibility. Admitting fault to any part of the accident will result in the loss or reduction of the damages awarded. If a jury finds the victim to be responsible for fifty percent of the accident or more you will not be rewarded any damages from the case.

  • Deny any deals made by insurance companies

Offers following a truck accident are generally made from an insurance adjuster in order to settle the case quickly and quietly in exchange for waiving your right to jury trial. These offers are definitely enticing, but before you make any rash decisions, it’s best to consult with a Houston Truck accident lawyer. The offers made by these insurance adjusters are notorious for being a smaller settlement than what you deserve.

  • Contact a Houston truck accident lawyer

Aside from getting immediate medical treatment, you should immediately contact and speak with a Houston truck accident lawyer following an accident while your memory is fresh. The Houston truck accident lawyers at the Salazar Law Firm have the experience and knowledge you need in order to receive the damages you deserve. Truck accidents are often complex since liability can be difficult to determine. Failing to seek legal help from a professional Houston truck accident lawyer will only hurt you as insurance companies take advantage of your inexperience. Learn more about what to do after a truck accident by visiting our Houston truck accident lawyer website.