Is Being Comfortable On Your Motorcycle Worth Your Safety?

I recently had a client who laid down their motorcycle because a car pulled out of a private driveway and the motorcyclist did not have enough time to stop. That being said, there are some pretty important safety issues I want to discuss.

Because of the hot weather at the time of the accident, my client chose comfort over safety and was not wearing the appropriate protective gear for riding. While he was wearing his helmet, he got some pretty bad road rash on his legs, arm, back, and side. This brings me to a serious question, is choosing comfort over safety a common thing for riders?


Why You Should Always Choose Safety Over Comfort

If you do choose comfort over safety, please reconsider this decision because it is very dangerous out there, and it does not take much to get into an extremely bad accident on a motorcycle.

While I want all motorcyclists to be as careful as possible, I want to hear from you and know if you ever choose comfort over safety? I love hearing about other riders and their experience, especially when I ask questions like this, because it helps me educate my clients. If you have any questions, let me know. If you have any suggestions on what you want me to blog about, let me know as well.