Huge Hyundai Recall: Does It Affect You?

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Hyundai recalls 600,000 vehicles

Today, I want to talk about dangerous things that you don’t even realize are a hazard to you. One of the biggest things that’s going on right now is that Hyundai has issued a recall on about 600,000 vehicles in the United States and Canada. Why have they issued that recall?

They have been telling people that there is a propensity for the brake fluid to actually leak from a certain area and cause an ignition fire or some kind of fire whether the car is on or off. Why am I telling you this and why is this so important? Hyundai recently said there’s no problem if you actually have your car parked in your garage. But now, they are retracting that statement.


Don’t park your Hyundai in your garage

Keep in mind, there are 600,000 of them in the US and in Canada. If you own one of these vehicles, they are now saying do not keep this car garaged unless the vehicle has already been fixed. I cannot stress that enough. If Hyundai is saying, “Don’t park your car in your garage. Park it outside just in case it causes a fire”, you need to make sure that you’re aware of that.

I want to read a couple of things to you that they have said. Hyundai and Kia have notoriously had a lot of fire problems. In fact, Hyundai said that it had 15 reports of engine fires and Kia had 8. It’s also showing that over the past five years, there have been more than 6 million vehicles by these two manufacturers affected by fires in some capacity.

These cars are dangerous. Make sure that you do not park them in your garage. If you have a question about the link, I’ll be happy to send it to you. This is something that we just saw and I wanted to bring it to your attention.


If you’ve been injured

If you have been injured by one of these cars because of these recalls, please let me know. Because that means that Hyundai or Kia is going to be held responsible and they need to make sure that you are made whole again.

My name is David Salazar. I look forward to talking to you about these types of things. These recalls happen all the time. Whether it’s a car, a dangerous product in your home, or a lawn mower, I’m going to keep bringing these things to you. I want you to be aware and know what’s going on in your home and what’s dangerous around your home. Again, we’re the Safety Guardians. I look forward to talking to you soon.