Severe Accidents Statistics in Houston

Houston is the largest city in the great State Of Texas. The metropolitan area boasts a population of over 6.1 Million residents making it the 5th largest in the entire United States. With over 20 highways in the region, there are a number of state highways, tollways and interstates that serve as channels in and out of the city. As with any major city, a large number of trucks travel these roads every single day for commercial purposes. Bringing resources and agricultural products from rural regions and transporting goods into the city are the main functions of the trucking industry. In addition to the trucks coming into Houston from other areas, there are plenty of trucks native to Harris County and City Limits that travel the main thoroughfares in the city to do deliveries, transport and tow cars, garbage removal, etc.

While there are many more passenger vehicles (including pickups and SUV’s) than commercial trucks which include tractors and semi’s, the potential for danger and adverse consequences is enormous for these kind of vehicles due to the size and force at which they collide with other vehicles/structures and unfortunately, in some cases, pedestrians. In 2014 alone , Trucks were involved in 25,359 crashes, 113 of which involved fatalities and 527 that caused incapacitating injuries. Another 2,338 of the incidents cause non-incapacitating injuries that still have huge implications for the injured. These events are often devastating and life altering. Please consider this was only the trucks without trailers. For Tractor Trucks and Semi’s, which belong in a separate category established by the Texas Department of Transportation, there were 23,327 crashes, resulting in 417 fatalities, 839 incapacitating injuries and 2,277 non-incapacitating injuries.

These statistics are alarming and the intent is not to make you fearful but rather, aware of your surroundings. In recent years, Houston has seen an uptick in the number of severe accidents involving these types of vehicles. There are numerous contributing factors including the growing oil drilling/fracking industry. While more vehicles mean the potential for more accidents, many of these accidents are the result of equipment failure, overloading and driver negligence. What comes with operating such big vehicles is great responsibility; the State Of Texas has imposed hundreds of regulatory measures to ensure that vehicles and their operators are fit to move about. Navigating the urban sprawl poses its own challenges for drivers who may be accustomed to driving long distances on the open road with relatively little traffic or maneuvering required. Regardless, once a truck is involved in a collision, the facts of the incident must be carefully evaluated to determine fault.

If you were injured or a loved one was injured (or killed) in a truck accident there are many points to consider. The pain and grief can be overwhelming and in many cases, incapacitating in its own right. This is why it is essential you seek out an advocate who can handle your case. With so many literal and figurative moving parts, these life-altering events call for the services of an expert who can carefully evaluate the circumstances and with passion & skill, fight for compensation which will likely include health care costs, property damage, pain & suffering as well as lost wages.

If you were in a collision that involved a truck in the Houston Area, The Salazar Law Firm, PLLC can offer you a free consultation and take your case on a contingency basis. The attorneys on staff will persevere to maximize the sum of your recovery in a timely manner.