Houston Product Liability Attorney

The sheer amount of goods people are able to browse and purchase either online and in person is staggering. This includes not only domestically made products, but foreign imports as well. At first thought it seems like all of these choices are a great benefit of living in the free word. However, this range of choices also means that we are exposed to products that are poorly made, prone to malfunctioning and in some cases hazardous. These days you see items that were manufactured in China as being dangerous for one reason or another. In the first few months of 2011 alone the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission listed almost a hundred products from China that had to be recalled! That was just in the first few months of the year!


You may think the manufacturer is the only one responsible if a product causes damages or an injury. In fact, in most cases there are a number of people or companies involved with production, such as suppliers, repair people, middlemen, component manufacturers, and testing facilities. These groups can also be held accountable for faulty merchandise as well because of consumer protection laws, warranty protections, and other liability and negligence laws. The majority of product defect cases that leave suppliers and manufacturers liable fall under three categories. If a product is not created to the standards set by the manufacturer and it is still sold, that case falls under Manufacturing Defects. That is different from Marketing Defects, which means the labels or warning about a product are not enough to properly caution people about how dangerous it is or how to use the product safely. Finally there is the case of Design Defects, which indicates that even before it was produced, a product was designed in a way that makes it too dangerous. In the case of a liability claim, there must be proof that the product in question is defective. Do you believe your average attorney has the resources or know-how to prove that a product is defective? It is not a simple case to make. Don’t put your case in the hands of someone who might not have the right kind of experience. You need an attorney who specializes in product defect cases who has an informed approach that has worked for other clients. If you believe you have a product liability or defective product case in Texas, call the Salazar Law Firm toll-free at 1-888-655-9576 to have your situation reviewed for free. We serve clients throughout all of Texas, as well as the Houston area.