Houston Bus Accident Lawyer

Riding the bus can be a great way to save money on your commute or travel long distances if you are afraid of flying. Though buses are an inexpensive way to get around, it can be absolutely catastrophic when they are involved in an accident. The average bus weighs thousands of pounds more than even the biggest car, let alone a pedestrian or bicyclist. Bus accidents can be disastrous for the passengers too, where they may be standing or without seatbelts. These traumatizing accidents often injure dozens of people, sometimes causing multiple deaths as well. It is frightening to think about, but many bus drivers are undertrained and overworked, resulting in dangerous situations where the driver does not know how to respond or they are not fully aware of what’s happening. Not to mention that some bus owners do not properly maintain their equipment, making their oversized vehicle an accident waiting to happen. Why should you suffer after a bus accident that was someone else’s fault? If you were involved in a collision with one of these irresponsible parties, you deserve to collect damages for going through such a terrifying ordeal.


Were you or a loved one in a bus accident in Houston or the state of Texas? If so, you may be entitled to compensation from either the owner of the bus, the driver, or another vehicle that was involved. However, determining who is ultimately at fault is not always easy. Bus accidents are different from regular motor vehicle accidents because some buses are government-run, while others are owned by private companies. In order to determine who is at fault, there must be a thorough investigation. Make sure to call the knowledgeable attorneys at the Salazar law Firm so they can begin collecting information about your case. They know what to look for to make a strong case and who to ultimately hold accountable for your injuries. Whether the bus involved was owned by a private corporation or the local government, you will have to contend with their legal team and insurance company. Don’t go it alone; hire a legal team who knows how to aggressively fight for justice on your behalf. After a bus accident seek medical attention immediately and then call the Salazar Law Firm’s bus accident attorneys toll-free at 1-888-655-9576.