Don’t Be An Internet Attorney!

I’m David Salazar, and I really appreciate all the feedback I’ve been getting from the videos. It helps me make better videos for you. It also helps me make sure that you stay safe on the road and ask the appropriate questions that you need the answers to.

There’s something, though, that I cannot stress enough. One of the most common things that we always hear is, “Well, I saw on Google…”, “Well, I read on Google…”, “Well, Google says this…”


Don’t be an internet attorney

Don’t be an Internet attorney. There are so many different intricacies in the law. You really have no idea, first off, what the statutes are in your city, what the case law is in your city, or what the verdicts hold.

There are all kinds of different things. First off, state by state, every law is different. The federal law is pretty much the same for all the states. However, nine times out of ten, if you have an accident, it’s going to be run by state law.


The laws and statutes are very specific

But there are certain statutes within the states that are very specific. There are certain codes within the counties that are still more specific. And there are certain laws or ordinances within the cities that are even more specific than that. I’ll give you an example.

In Houston, for example, which is where we’re right now, bicycles must be on roadways if they are in commercial areas, not on sidewalks. That’s contrary to everything you ever hear. And the reason why is because, in Houston, bicycles are treated the way cars are. Bicyclists are basically cars in Houston’s eyes.


Houston versus Galveston

Who knows why these statutes say that but that’s what it says here. It’s different from most other areas. Galveston doesn’t have the same ordinance. In Galveston, you can ride on sidewalks all day long. That is not the case in Houston. It makes a lot of sense why though. Houston’s sidewalks are really, really bad.

I had a guy come to me and say, “Hey, I’m on a bicycle.” I know it’s not a motorcycle but there is relevance to this. And he said, “This happened and I know the law in Galveston is this.” That’s not the case in Houston. It just doesn’t apply here. It’s very different.


What you must know

With your motorcycles, there are certain things that you need to be aware of. And I want to make sure you understand that because it’s very specific. If you Google something, you gotta make sure you’re in the right place, it’s the exact same thing, and it applies to you in the exact same way.

Because if it doesn’t, one little tweak here and there could mean that you’re going to find yourself in a different set of ordinances or laws. Please be cognizant of that. Always ask an attorney. That way, he can apply the right law for you.


If you have questions

I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have as far as any of this goes. I have people who constantly think they’re Google attorneys. I didn’t get my law degree from Google. I got it from an actual law school. Please make sure that you do not just Google something and assume that’s the answer.

I look forward to hearing from you. My name is David Salazar. Please share. And if you have any questions, let me know. I’d love to answer your questions.