Coffee BEFORE The Ride

This is David Salazar. And today, one of the things I wanted to talk to you about is coffee before you ride. And when I say coffee, I mean anything that will keep you up. And the reason why I say this is because we just got approached by a guy earlier this week who had told us that he got into a really bad accident.


He got tired…

And the reason why he got into that accident was because he fell asleep. He didn’t exactly fall asleep. He got tired. He dozed off. He hit a bump. He lost control of his motorcycle. And that was that.

He had some pretty bad injuries. He sustained about six broken ribs on his right side, a broken arm, a cracked femur, et cetera. So, we’ve been trying to help him with that.


He’d been working too long

He told me, “Man, I just got tired. I was riding too long.” He took his bike to work. And I guess he was tired from a long shift at work and decided to ride home and just manned through it. Well, that wasn’t exactly a good idea. He ended up dozing off. And he was just tired. I mean, he worked a 14-hour shift. So that’s what happened.


Drink coffee, Red Bull, whatever keeps you awake

Please be aware, guys. I don’t know what your vice is–whether it’s coffee, Red Bull, an energy drink of some kind that’s not Red Bull, anything like that. Please, just make sure that you are chipper, for the lack of a better term, whenever you get on your bike. Because this stuff does happen.


I want you to be safe

You guys are a lot more susceptible to accidents than other people are. And I just want to make sure you all are safe. If you have any questions, my name is David Salazar. I love talking to you guys about this stuff. It really makes me happy to answer your questions. So, if you have any, just ask away. Please join my Facebook group and check out my YouTube page as well. I look forward to talking to you all soon.