When a group of people sues an individual or another group of people, this kind of lawsuit is referred to as a class action, or class action suit. Big corporations, manufacturers, and other large-scale businesses prioritize the bottom line over all else. This focus on profits can lead to serious injury or neglected rights to employees and consumers. At The Salazar Law Firm, we have an extensive knowledge of the laws designed to protect your rights, and use this knowledge to achieve outstanding consumer and employee advocacy in Texas.

Converting Consumer Protection Claims to Class Action Lawsuits

If you bring your consumer protection claim to The Salazar Law Firm, we will analyze every part of your case to assess the number of people affected. Often, a claim that was originally filed by a single consumer is often being experienced by many consumers, all of whom deserve compensation for their losses. Our class action lawsuits maximize compensation for all individuals who have been effected by these negligent businesses. Consumer protection issues that often become class action lawsuits include:

  • Consumer fraud
  • Credit card issues
  • Credit report and criminal background check errors
  • Dangerous and defective products
  • Defective computers
  • Defective products
  • False or misleading advertising
  • Insurance bad faith
  • Recalled products
  • Security breaches and identity theft

Consumers, Bring Your Claims to Us

Businesses, especially large corporations, wrong consumers on a daily basis. If the negligence of a business has caused you damages, call us today for a free consultation.