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Crashworthy. For many people, the term is unfamiliar. Many of us do not think about it unless we are in a bad auto accident. Then, we wonder if the car’s design helped contribute to our injuries. A crashworthy vehicle protects its occupants in an accident. Crashworthiness is a spectrum; no vehicle can protect its passengers from all wrecks. However, your car should protect you in most crashes.

The Salazar Law Firm | Rollover Accident LawyersWhen a vehicle does not protect you as it should, it may not be crashworthy. Crashworthiness cases are not the same as other auto accident cases. In most auto accident cases, fault is essential. Who caused the accident?

In a crashworthiness case, the only question is whether the vehicle did its job to protect the people inside.

While manufacturers make cars for driving, not crashing, car crashes are an anticipated possibility. The manufacturer has a responsibility to design the vehicle safely. They need to take reasonable steps to prevent injuries.

Crashworthiness Cases

One of the most famous crashworthiness cases involved the Ford Pinto. The Pinto had a faulty design, which could lead to a fire in rear-end collisions. Despite knowing about this flaw, Ford produced the Pinto for several years. There is a suggestion that they compared the cost of fixing the design with the cost of wrongful death lawsuits that would occur because of the error.

A company does not have to be cold and calculating to be liable in a crashworthiness suit. Many modern crashworthiness suits lead to the company recalling vehicles to fix malfunctioning parts. So, crashworthiness suits serve two purposes. The first purpose is to get justice for your injuries. The other goal is to help improve safety for other drivers.

It can be challenging for a consumer to make an effective crashworthiness claim. You need expert witnesses, such as engineers, to help you prove a claim. We have access to those experts. They can help us determine whether you have a crashworthiness claim.

If you think your car failed to protect you in an accident, contact The Salazar Law Firm. We offer free no-obligation consultations. We will let you know whether we think you have a valid claim.

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