Can You Handle A Motorcycle Accident Case Without A Lawyer?

I have a saying in my office that I use religiously, “Never hire a mechanic to do your accounting. Never hire a plumber to do your banking. Never hire a banker to do your mechanic work.” The reason why I say this is because I am an attorney, this is what I do for a living, and I would never try to be a surgeon.

The reason I am mentioning this is because I have people who come to my office, we speak with them, learn about their case, tell them how we can help, and after all of that, they decide to go do it on their own. 80% of the time, they always come back and ask us if we can help them out.

At my law firm, we usually try to help them the best we can. The problem with the case at that point is that they have already gone down the path where it has been mismanaged. Not because it is any fault of their own, but because they did not know what they were doing, and mistakes have been made.


Do Not Try To Handle Your Case On Your Own

As lawyers, we try to educate the public on what to do and what not to do. If you have an accident, there is no problem with seeking help.

I understand most people think that they may end up getting more money in the end if they handle it themselves. That is not the case. Nine times out of ten, if an adjuster sees that you are handling it on your own, they will exploit that and use it to their advantage.

I’m just trying to let you know this because there are a lot of pitfalls when it comes to cases involving personal injury, especially when it comes to being injured on a motorcycle. Why am I telling you this? I am  telling you this because I would never hire a plumber to do my accounting. I would never hire a banker to do my mechanic work. It does not make sense because it is not what they were taught to do.


Find The Best Motorcycle Lawyer For You

I am not sharing this info just so that you would hire me. What I am telling you is that if you have an issue that comes up and you have been injured, hire an attorney to do it. It does not have to be me. Hire somebody you are comfortable with. In the end, you have to make sure you are comfortable with the person you chose to represent you.