Bus Faulty Energy Absorption Panels

Hurt in Houston- Bus Faulty Energy Absorption Panels

When you get on a bus, you expect it to be safe. You want a safe driver and a sound vehicle. But do you know what makes a bus safe?

The Salazar Law Firm | Bus Accident Lawyer
The Salazar Law Firm | Bus Accident Lawyer

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) does. It has safety standards for buses. Buses should be crash-worthy. That means that they should protect their passengers if a crash occurs.

Why is that important? Bus drivers should avoid crashes. However, even the best drivers have accidents. So, crashes happen. When they do, we want passengers protected.

Energy absorption panels play an important role. They absorb mechanical energy in a crash. That energy never reaches riders. They increase safety and reduce the risk of injuries.

Most buses have a mix of passive and active safety systems. Energy absorption panels are passive. Unlike seat belts or airbags, passengers do not have to engage them. Instead, they are part of the bus’s structure.

What happens when panels fail?

Passengers take the full force of the wreck. As a result, panel failure can increase injuries and the risk of death. Minor impacts can lead to major injuries.

Faulty panels are often a manufacturer’s problem. Improper design or installation can cause them to fail. However, they can also be a maintenance or repair issue.

You probably will not know if a faulty panel caused your injury. However, your attorney should investigate that possibility.

If you need help with a bus accident, contact us. The Salazar Law Firm provides free, no-obligation consultations. We can let you know whether a faulty panel may have contributed to your injuries.