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When determining what to do if you’re involved in a bus accident, the most important distinction will be in whether the us was private or public – the legal discourse is very different depending on this very important distinction.

Public Buses

Buses are a common form of transportation, and is many citizens only form of transportation in metropolitan areas. Public transit accidents are considered different from a normal fender-bender and there are many factors to consider you probably hadn‘t thought of. One of the first points to consider is the “Tort Claims Act” which sets guidelines for lawsuits against the government or government agencies. This varies among states and local governments as far as specific guidelines. Generally speaking, most will require any victims to file a notice of their claim within a specified amount of time following the incident. They also limit the potential payout from a settlement, often setting caps on the total amount of compensation someone can receive.

Charter & Tour Buses

If you were in an accident which involved a charter or tour bus, there are additional factors to take into consideration. First, a bus of this nature is considered a “common carrier”, which includes any business that transports people from point A to point B for a fee. Other examples include taxicabs, commercial airliners, cruise ships, and school buses. The negligence of the driver is often found to be the cause of these lawsuits, basing this decision on the “reasonableness” standard. For normal car accidents, they would measure by the actions of a reasonable person, but for carriers they evaluate fault based on the actions of a ‘reasonably careful operator’. For example, if the accident wasn’t caused or affected by bad driving by the bus driver (for example, a drunk driver hitting the bus) a court would rule that a reasonably careful operator couldn’t have avoided the accident.

Injuries sustained on a tour or charter bus typically have more parties involved. This kind of lawsuit will often find several different parties are partially responsible, potentially including the tour company, bus company, employers, venue owners, insurance companies, contractors, vehicle manufacturers, etc. Determining all parties is a tricky area but necessary if you want to claim damages and receive any compensation you are entitled to (one of many reasons to let an attorney review this type of case). Failure to identify an involved party could significantly affect your payout at the end of the day.

There is a lot to consider and many questions that need to be asked following a bus accident. And even more pressing, there are often time limits (statute of limitations) which affect your ability or eligibility to receive any type of compensation at all. Having an attorney review your case right away is extremely prudent – many people involved in these accidents receive no compensation at all because they either waited too long to inquire or tried to navigate this unfamiliar area themselves. At Hurt in Houston we offer free case evaluations, so don’t wait – Contact us todayand let us review your case.

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