Aftermath Of An 18-wheeler Accident

Motor vehicle accidents can have devastating effects on those involved. With death effecting the families of loved ones and injuries leaving passengers dependent on medical care and unable to work, monetary relief is necessary to allow those involved to cope with the financial implications that a collision (and it’s aftermath) can have. When the vehicle involved weighs between 20,000 and 80,000 pounds this is particularly true.

Fortunately, the majority of the collisions do no result in injury. However, for those that do, the effects can alter the injured parties life forever. The pain and suffering is at the core of the aftermath that the driver and/or passenger of the vehicle involved must deal with on a daily basis. In addition to the physical pain, often injuries are severe enough that they interfere with the individual’s ability to work or live a life of self-sufficiency. When spinal cord or brain damage is involved, the person usually needs care indefinitely. While we can only hope for a full recovery, the unfortunate truth is that in some cases, damage is irreparable.

There are a number of factors and variables involved in a truck accident and determining who is at fault will require an investigation. Much like non-commercial vehicles, the operator of the truck is to be evaluated to determine if they were abiding by the rules of the road and driving responsibly. There is usually more than one contributing factor and while this is the case it is essential to determine if the driver of the truck was speeding, making reckless maneuvers, under the influence or perhaps distracted by an electronic device in their cabin.

Additionally, there are other variables that need to be looked at including the equipment itself. Trucks have many components and need to be maintained and loaded correctly. Failure to maintain the truck can cause its equipment to fail, which results in the driver losing control of the vehicle. If the truck was loaded incorrectly, the distribution of weight, or overload can also interfere with the driver’s ability to maneuver in a safe manner.

Determining who is at fault requires more investigation than a motor vehicle accident, while in some cases it is obvious, trucks are often maintained and/or loaded by 3rd parties. It is important to note whether the truck driver owns the truck or whether it belongs to a company. First and foremost it is essential that following a collision involving a truck, you follow protocol for a motor vehicle accident by calling 911 if someone has been injured, documenting the incident, getting insurance information, the drivers information, and license plate numbers It is also important to get a police report and whatever statements from objective 3rd parties witnessed the incident.

Determining who is liable can be tricky and a skilled 18 Wheeler Accident attorney knows what to look for and what steps to take in order to secure a fair settlement. If you’ve been involved in an accident with an 18 Wheeler, The Salazar Law Firm, PLLC can offer you a free consultation. Providing aggressive legal representation and advocacy, The Salazar Law Firm will look out for your best interests to ensure that the settlement obtained is adequate.

There are a number of factors and variables involved in a truck accident and determining who is at fault will require an investigation.

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