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David Salazar | Hurt in Houston
David Salazar | Hurt in Houston


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At the Salazar Law Firm, we see our job as construction. We are here to help you rebuild your life after someone has destroyed it. We are here to focus on you. Of course, sometimes, we have to get tough to do that. When we get tough, we are not reckless or out of control but laser-focused on maximizing your recovery. Our job is not just about winning but about getting the best resolution for each client.

Getting the best resolution means always being prepared to go to trial. Too many personal injury firms are settlement-only firms that farm out the cases they cannot settle. While most lawsuits will settle, you are not in a good bargaining position if the opposing team thinks you are scared of trial. So, we always prepare as if we will be going to trial, even while working towards a settlement.

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